Immortalitatis in pulchritudo.
Immortalitatis in pulchritudo.
Tantum possumus, quantum scimus.
We can do as much as we know.
(Francis Bacon)
My idea of unhappiness is to stop learning. Skills from different, seemingly unrelated areas provide a surprisingly multifaceted picture of opportunities and non-standard ways to solve problems. It's a workout for the brain, like sport is for the body. And both should be regular.
Anastasia Lavrova, interview for Dorogoe Udovolstvie
School of Japanese Flower Arranging Sogetsu School
Ikebana Master with Teaching Degree Yonkyu Shihan Sogetsu School, 2009
Moscow State Forest University (MGUL)
Landscape gardening and landscape construction, Department of Landscape Architecture, 2011
British Higher School of Art & Design
Fashion design, 2017
Higher School of Economics (HSE)
Brand Management, 2020
School of director Irina MIRONOVA
«I make movies on Sundays»
Film director, 2020
International class dancer in sports ballroom dancing in the European program, graduate of the Children's Art School named after. M.A. Balakirev (choreography class, piano class), art courses of the Moscow Academic Art School (MAHU), courses of the International Floristic School HIKOL.
Experientia docet.
Experience teaches.
(Tacitus, History 5.6)
Chief architect of the private garden at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, P.V. Tsigel in Sokolniki.
From 2013 to 2017 – landscape architect for IL NATURE and ARTEZA. Chief architect of private gardens and parks in Russia and France, chief architect of the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center (district D2), P.V. Tsigel in Sokolniki, Château de Marienthal on the outskirts of Versailles, co-author of the Knightsbridge Private Park residential complex project, chief architect of the Memorial Complex to the Victims of Repressions in the Republic of Ingushetia (2011), the Park of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow, the Alley of the Kremlin Cadets, " Park them. A.I. Herzen" (2020-2021) and a private garden located on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

In 2018, she opened her own company GARNETGARDEN World by ANASTASIA LAVROVA, which today unites four independent areas: the creation of gardens and parks in Russia and France GARNETGARDEN Outdoor Art, women's clothing brand GARNETGARDEN Fashion Art, author's gifts GARNETGARDEN Gift Art and video production GARNETGARDEN Production.
Director of a trilogy of musical films for the famous russian music rock-group «Surganova and Orchestra».
In 2020, she began work on a series of musical films for the Surganova and Orchestra group for the songs Aquarelle, Autumn Downpour, She-Wolf.

All areas of GARNETGARDEN World are united by a single philosophy of attitude towards the art of creation.
Modus vivendi.
In the near future: training in piloting a Cesna aircraft, improving English and French, continuing to study Latin.
Anastasia Lavrova, interview for Dorogoe Udovolstvie
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